Oregon Cartoon Institute

The Mel Blanc Project Begins

In News on January 2, 2011 at 2:31 am

Portrait by Carye Bye

Oregon Cartoon Institute is comprised of individuals and organizations interested in raising awareness of Oregon’s rich animation and cartooning history. Carye Bye, the proprietress of Red Bat Press, joined this interlocking set of community partnerships when she created the above portrait. She is now a charter member.

The Mel Blanc Project will take place May through August 2011 in conjunction with Oregon Jewish Museum‘s Mel Blanc exhibit. During the run of that exhibit, Oregon Cartoon Institute will present a four part lecture series exploring the formative influence of Mel Blanc’s early Portland years on his later career.

Other Oregon Cartoon Institute charter memberships are held by:

David Chelsea, artist & illustrator

Bill Plympton, filmmaker & studio chief

S. W. Conser, artist & bon vivant

David Plotkin, provost of Marylhurst University

Beverly Walton, assistant curator at Portland Art Museum

Rose Bond, artist & director of PNCA’s exploding out of the box undergraduate animation program.

These Oregon film history enthusiasts lent support at crucial junctures in the development of the Institute. Rose Bond, in particular, provided direct inspiration in her essay on the history of Portland’s animation scene.

How exactly did the Oregon Cartoon Institute come into being? See this overview written for Oregon Movies, A to Z.

Oregon Cartoon Institute is run by volunteers. We are fiscally sponsored by Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission, a 501 (c) (3) non – profit organization. We welcome your support! Our goal is to increase access to basic information about Oregon’s animation and cartooning history which will cause all Oregonians, present and future, to burst with pride.

Support Oregon Cartoon Institute by making a donation, by volunteering your labor, or by sharing your expertise. We value all three.

Contact me, Anne Richardson, mrs dot nyback at gmail dot com, for more information about the Mel Blanc Project and Oregon Cartoon Institute.

  1. I’ve been a huge Mel Blanc fan for many years, I was amazed to find that Mel Blanc was originally from the area. I visited his grave site in Hollywood a few years back. In case you’ve never visited there, or if you’ve never seen a photo of it on line, it reads,” That’s All Folks – Mel Blanc – Man of 1000 voices – Beloved Husband and Father – 1908 – 1989″

    If at all possible I will be attending the Feb 1, meeting to hear more about “The Mel Blanc Project.”

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