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The Mel Blanc Project Seeks Volunteers

In News on January 1, 2011 at 5:09 am

Our Waypost screenings have been packed.

At the first one, I  announced that we could use some volunteers. For what? people asked.

Here’s what we need:

Press Agent: if you want experience interacting with the press – we need you! Mel Blanc has lots of fans all around the world. We need someone who can help the press tell his Portland story.


Research Army Ants: if you always wanted to know more about a) Portland history, or b) Mel Blanc, or c) early radio, or d) Hollywood’s Golden Age of Animation, or e) all of the above –– we need you to help us identify the exact locations of key events in Mel Blanc’s Portland life.  Looking for people who like getting to the bottom of things, and working in a group.

What can we offer you?

1. You will be taking part in history. This project is a first.

2. We will boast about you, with all positions receiving credit by name, on this website, the Oregon Cartoon Institute website, and in the “Your Guide To Mel Blanc, The Portland Years” walking tour booklet.

3. You get free admission to the Mel Blanc Project lecture series, and to one of Heather Perkins’ live concerts.

Contact me, Anne Richardson mrs dot nyback at gmail dot com, if you are interested.


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