Oregon Cartoon Institute

Heather Perkins, Artist In Residence

In News on January 1, 2011 at 2:11 am

Heather Perkins expanded the programming vision of Oregon Cartoon Institute when she became our first artist in residence in the spring of 2009.  She chose Mel Blanc as the focus of her work here at the Institute. Since that time, we have been scurrying around the marble halls setting up the Mel Blanc Project, which will include Heather’s musical investigation of Mel Blanc’s favorite creation, Bugs Bunny.

Conjuring sonic beauty at a recent live performance at Mississippi Pizza, Heather Perkins danced between her laptop, an electronic keyboard,  and several exotic electronic instruments rarely seen outside of a recording studio. When she needs a human voice, she croons into a microphone.

Born and raised in Portland, Perkins writes and performs music for dance, animation, video games, film, theater and live performance. You may have heard her collaborations with Ten Tiny Dances, or with Rose Bond, or with Minh Tran. Or , as a 2010 RACC artist, with the ElectroGals at Disjecta. If you thought this year’s Holiday Revue presented by Oregon Ballet Theater was especially cool, it was probably because Heather Perkins also played that gig.

Photo credit: Portland Tribune


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